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Mono - Training and counselling facility - Chelmsford

External dimensions: 5.6m by 5.1m
Internal height: 2.4m(min)
Internal area: 25.8msq

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Mono - Classrooms - Leytonstone

External dimensions: 10m by 7m
Internal height (min): 2.35m
Internal Area: 62.9msq

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Mono - Classroom and Office - Stoke on Trent

External dimensions: 10.82m by 4.32m
Internal height (Min): 2.35m
Internal Area: 42.7msq

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Mono - Classroom - Southwark, London

External dimensions: 5.6m by 8.4m
Internal Area: 43msq

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Mono - Multi-functional building - Beckenham

External dimensions: 22.4m by 6.3m
Internal Area: 132msq

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Mono - Sound and Recording Studio - Farnborough

External dimensions: 11m by 4m
Internal Area: 41msq

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Helix - Multipurpose room and offices - Gloucester

External dimensions: 4.9m by 7.3m
Internal Area: 32msq

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Mono - Preschool nursery - Lee

External dimensions: 4.52m x 5.22m
Internal Area: 21msq

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Mono - Nursery / Preschool - Gloucestershire

9.69m by 8.49m

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Mono - 2 Classrooms, toilet blocks and First Aid room - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

15.27m by 9.2m

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Mono - Classroom - Gloucestershire

Size: 7.5m by 8m
Internal area: 80m2

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"I thought I would let you know how pleased we are with the work carried out by Florian and his colle"

Mono - Classroom - Bodmin, Cornwall

10m by 5.9m

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Mono - Dance Studio with office, store room and disabled toilet - Truro

14m by 10m

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Mono - Classroom - Northampton 2

7.4m x 4.4m

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Mono - Classroom - Northampton

7.35m by 4.35m

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Mono - Classroom and Office - Cornwall

40 msq

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Duo - Swim school - Wimbledon Park

6m by 4m

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Mono - Computer Room - Cheltenham

9m by 9m

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Mono - Classroom extension - Southall

4m by 7m

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Mono - Medical Centre - Southall

3m by 2.5m

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Mono - ‘Community Suite’ with 2 classrooms, office, kitchen and disabled W.C. - Southall

8m x 12m

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