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Quality flooring that is fit for purpose

Educational establishments require a wide variety of floor finishes, dependant on the age of the student and use of the room. Our buildings are often multifunctional, incorporating different areas. Designs commonly include an entrance area with barrier matting, a kitchenette with non-slip wet proof flooring, a carpeted classroom area, integrated toilets with cap coving and a small office with laminate or engineered oak. Every floor is carefully sourced for its quality and durability and expertly installed and they all come with extended manufacturer-backed warranties.

Specialist floorings

  • Barrier matting - at every classroom entrance, for wiping wet muddy shoes.
  • Cap cove flooring - hygienic and easy to mop / clean, this is superb for toilets and changing rooms, food technology suites, kitchenettes, and wet play areas.
  • Engineered oak - traditional and enduring, perfect for assembly halls, offices, and entrance halls. Its laminar structure gives it warmth and excellent sound absorption.
  • Laminate flooring - incredibly hardwearing, maintenance free yet aesthetic. Available in a range of styles, it is perfect for heavy traffic areas, classrooms, staff room and offices.
  • Rubber round stud tiles - also suitable for heavy traffic areas, this a 3mm thick tile that is easy to clean, moisture resistant available in a range of colours. It is popular choice for gyms and art studios.
  • Non-slip wet proof flooring - for art rooms, wet play areas, and kitchenettes.
  • Carpet - hard wearing yet quiet and comfortable to sit on. Great for sound reduction in classrooms, libraries music rooms and sound studios.
  • Acoustic enhancements - we lay specialist acoustic underlay where enhanced sound proofing is required.

The correct choice of flooring is a fundamental part of every educational space we design and install. It not only creates the right ambience but it provides a finish that is safe, appropriate, and practical for the intended purpose of that room.