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Fast Reliable Foundation System

As with every component of our construction, the screw pile foundations we employ have been chosen for their proven quality durability and cost effectiveness. Foundations clearly are a critical component of any build, needing to withstand subterranean corrosion and provide appropriate tensile and compression strength to support your building.

What are screw pile foundations?

Sometimes referred to as helical piles, screw pile foundations consist of steel screw-in piling and ground anchoring system used for building deep foundations. They are made from non-corrodible galvanised steel and engineered specifically for the size and weight of your bespoke building, ensuring guaranteed structural rigidity and longevity. This short video clip explains in more detail what they are and how they are installed.

Why we use screw pile foundations

Screw pile foundations have a number of significant advantages over traditional trench foundations;

  • Reduced cost
  • Shorter project times
  • Ease of installation with minimal disruption
  • Use in otherwise inaccessible areas
  • Use alongside existing foundations with minimal structural interference, thus avoiding potentially expensive underpinning
  • Accommodates varying ground levels across build site
  • Minimal impact on tree root systems enabling builds closer to TPO trees.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint
  • No costly excavation and removal of inert waste
  • Easy to relocate if required

Foundations fit for purpose

Very occasionally a site may prove unsuitable for screw pile or the building, incompatible. In such circumstances we will employ the most appropriate alternative foundation system, for example a reinforced concrete raft. Our operations team will discuss details of the build with you and of course your foundations will be approved and inspected by a Building Regulations Officer.