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Beautiful glazing, bespoke design

Creating a spacious, well-lit, and inspirational as well as practical learning environment is our signature. Unless a sound studio or music room with acoustic insulation, our designs typically include large amounts of glazing in the form of tall windows, glazed doors, and bi-folds. This does not however detract from the energy performance thanks to the quality of materials used. As the website images demonstrate, the glazing configuration of windows, skylights, sun tubes, doors and bifolds is endless and entirely your choice.

Energy efficiency at its best

Current regulation demands outstanding energy performance from any new buildings you install (part L2A - new build non-domestic buildings). Our buildings are exceptionally thermal efficiency due to the structural building materials used and the high performance glazing we recommend throughout. We use SBEM (Simplified building energy model) to calculate energy consumption and emissions and to produce the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for your new building.

High Performance Glazing:

  • PLANITHERM technology for outstanding energy efficiency
  • Minimises UV rays
  • Argon filled double glazing
  • Easy clean
  • Toughened glass
  • Laminate glass (optional)
  • Opaque glass (optional)