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Energy efficient temperature control for your classroom

Building regulation demands highly efficient energy performance from new builds. For educational environments it is particularly important to maintain a stable and comfortable environment throughout the year. To that end we first design and install exceptionally thermally efficient well ventilated classrooms. We then offer a wide range of heating and cooling options, enabling you to fine tune those ambient conditions. Due to the excellent insulation, minimal energy is required, which in turn minimises year-round running costs.

Contemporary climate control

This is an energy efficient air-to-air heat pump solution. These units not only heat and cool but also dehumidify and circulate the air. Every unit we supply is highly energy efficient and installed by a climate control expert. We offer a range Fujitsu models depending on budget and requirement. 

Please note: Every climate control unit comes with a comprehensive warranty

'¢ 12 month parts and labour warranty

'¢ 2-year parts warranty

It is strongly recommended that you service your unit annually. We are happy to arrange a servicing plan, on your behalf.

Wall Mounted Fujitsu LF:

This is the largest capacity wall mounted unit we offer and is are particularly suitable for bigger projects / large classrooms environments. The Fujitsu LF models are A rated with many high spec features as standard. These quiet yet powerful units are extremely reliable offering a real value-for-money solution.

  • Nominal cooling: 5.20kW to 8.00kW (3 models)
  • Cooling / Heating Rating: A++ / A
  • Compact unobtrusive design
  • High SEER / SCOP Ratings ( 6.98 / 3.87)
  • Powerful operation
  • Wired or wireless remote control
  • Ultra-quiet

Wall Mounted Fujitsu LM:

The Fujitsu LM wall mounted unit is less powerful than the LF but otherwise very similar. It has an A rated energy performance and offer a number of standard features. This unit provides rapid cooling and heating to ensure the space reaches the required condition in the minimum time with maximum efficiency.

  • Slim design
  • Quiet Operation
  • Cooling / Heating Rating: A++ / A+
  • Nominal cooling: 2.00kW to 4.00kW (4 models)
  • High SEER / SCOP Ratings (7.00 / 4.100)
  • Wired or wireless remote control

Wall Mounted Fujitsu LU designer unit:

This new hi-spec Fujitsu "designer" unit represent the very latest in air conditioning technology. It is exceptionally quiet and slimmer than the LM model with excellent energy efficiency. The Fujitsu LU offers a host of new features, including a weekly timer function on the wireless controller.

  • Ultra slim design
  • Ultra-quiet - as low as 21dB
  • Cooling / Heating Rating: A++ / A+
  • Nominal cooling: 2.00kW to 4.20kW (4 models)
  • High SEER / SCOP Ratings - 7.2/4.1
  • 3-Mode timer (Weekly / Program / Sleep)
  • Indoor compatible with Fujitsu multi range
  • Wireless and wired remote control

Wall Mounted Fujitsu LT unit:

Best described as top of the range, this unit boasts outstanding performance and has the added feature of an integrated infra-red sensor which will detect movement within a room and switch on or off accordingly. Its ultra-thin design is achieved by high density multi path heat exchanger and high efficiency wind blower.

  • Ultra slim in contemporary silver satin finish
  • Human Sensor (PIR)
  • Economy mode
  • Powerful heating with swift results even on coldest days
  • High SEER / SCOP Ratings - 8.5/4.6
  • Cooling / Heating Energy Rating: A+++ / A+
  • 3 Mode timer (weekly/program/sleep)
  • Wireless remote control

Luxury under floor heating

This system that works perfectly with our laminate and engineered wood floors. Before laying the underfloor heating we install thermally insulating tiles onto the SIPs base, to enhance thermal performance and energy efficiency. A touch-screen thermostatic control unit gives you easy-to-use and programmable control, ensuring the underfloor heating is only on when needed.

The following features are available;

  • Blue back-lit touch screen supplied with a 3m remote control
  • Floor probe
  • Flush mounting
  • °C / °F selectable
  • Key locking
  • Frost protection facility with adjustable temperature setting
  • Supply: 230v / Output: 230v (16A max)
  • Dimensions: 110x100x17m
  • Built in air and floor limiting sensor

NOTE: These under floor heating systems should not be excessively point loaded and are thus unsuitable if covered by heavy office furniture, heavy gym equipment or other items such as soft seating, rubber backed mats that may cause excessive heat build-up. The heat build-up is referred to as 'thermal blocking' and is a serious consideration when installing electric underfloor heating.

Convector (electric panel) wall mounted heaters

An alternative low cost heating option, ideal smaller rooms such as offices, meeting rooms and staff rooms. Convector heater are not ideal classrooms. We offer a range of hard-wired convector wall heaters that have thermostatic control and are programmable.