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Quality roofing designed to last

The structural integrity and weather resistance of your building is paramount. Education Spaces use exceptionally durable weather-proof roofing systems whether you are installing a mono (flat roofed) or duo (pitched roof) building. Our buildings are constructed with SIPs (structural insulated panels) including the ceiling / roof structure. It is onto this that our teams expertly install the weatherproofing roof system.

Guaranteed reassurance

We not only provide an insurance backed guarantee on our buildings of 10 years but an additional manufacturer backed warranty for your roofing system:

  • Mono roof: 20-year warranty
  • Duo roof: 25-year warranty

Mono roof system

The majority of our buildings have a mono-pitched roof. These flat roofed buildings are sleek yet unimposing, extremely weather proof and very cost effective. The roof is covered with a 100% cured (seam-free where possible) single ply sheet of EPDM (ethylene propylene-diene terpolymer), which is an exceptionally weatherproof rubber, produced by rubber experts Firestone. We secure the rubber roof with various adhesives and finish with a contemporary extruded aluminium edge trim.

Water drainage

Our mono roofs are installed with a minimum 1:70 fall across them to enable water run-off into discreet guttering, usually sited across the rear elevation and dispersed as per building regulations.

Roof of choice

Our EPDM rubber roofing system offers many benefit:

  • Low carbon footprint: Over its life span this material lowers the carbon footprint of a building and is installed in an exceptionally eco-friendly way.
  • Highly durability: A lifespan is up to 5 times that of a felt roof and 2-3 times that of an asphalt roof.
  • Stability: EPDM is an exceptionally stable compound with none of the accompanying odour or fumes that normally characterise rubbers.
  • Thermal properties: This rubber-sheet roofing system provides excellent thermal insulation and is an outstanding sealant against water penetration.

Duo roof system

Our pitched 'duo' roof buildings offer a slightly more traditional look externally and increased light and vaulted ceiling space internally. As with the mono buildings the roof is constructed using SIPs panels. This is then overlaid with a breathable waterproof membrane, battened and finished with metro tiles.

'Metro Tile' - the tile of choice

Our metro tile duo roof system places significantly less weight and stress on the building and its foundations. The metro tiles offer superior protection with numerous benefits:

  • Lightweight yet aesthetic; Our standard Metro roof tiles has a dark grey slate effect as standard but does come in a variety of other styles and colours . They look traditional yet are up to 7 times lighter than their conventional counterparts, making them ideal for educational buildings and efficient to install.
  • Weather tested durability; Reliably tested against extreme weather conditions, these tiles are expertly installed by our trained fitters giving you complete confidence during the fiercest storms, year on year.
  • Low pitch; Due to their unique design metro tiles require less pitch for effective water run-off, giving greater flexibility in regard to the design and height of your building. (See also photovoltaic benefits below). Being installed onto a low pitch roof also means they are less obtrusive, easing the path through planning.
  • Ecological photovoltaic options - reducing carbon footprint; Metro tiles can enable your rooftop to harness energy from natural light. If chosen, a photovoltaic system, whether incorporated into the tiles or retro-fitted, will save money on your energy bills with the opportunity to make money from feed-in tariffs.
  • Long Lasting and low maintenance; Guaranteed for 25 years and promising to last many years more, these tiles provide an economically-sound roofing solution for your educational establishment. Once installed these tiles require virtually no maintenance.

Sedum Roofing

EDPM is so stable and watertight that it can be totally submerged and will never leak (unless abused). This makes it a fantastic base material on which to mount our popular living sedum roofs. These succulent plants hold water so their substrate, sitting on-top of the EPDM rubber system, is wet for most of the year, providing added sound and thermal insulation to your building.