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Spaces engineered for learning

Technology has move on and with it, the potential you have regarding your new educational building. We have many years' experience in delivering bespoke, beautiful yet energy efficient designs, of exceptional quality and value. We use innovative techniques and materials, including galvanised steel pile foundations and SIPs (structural insulated panels) which give exceptional thermal performance. For you, this ensures fast construction time with minimal disruption and a fit for purpose, durable and inspirational buildings with low running costs, year on year.


Classrooms need to be safe, robust and practical but they can be so much more. Our innovative designs incorporate features such as panoramic glazing with bifold doors and sheltered non-slip outdoor areas. With our complete service and expert advice you can create a bespoke classroom on a fixed budget that is an inspiring environment in which to teach and learn.

Art and Design studios

Did you know that North facing windows give the best light for artists? As part of our comprehensive service we will draw on many years' experience in delivering bespoke 'creative' studios. There are many features proven to be desirable such as climate control, wet areas, increased ceiling heights, specialist flooring, carefully considered lighting and many more.

IT suites and Science Labs

With changing times and curricula there is increasing need for additional science labs and IT suites. These are highly specialised classrooms not easily created by adapting existing space. At Education Spaces we bring expertise in fire, safety and security and understand that an efficient functional build delivered on budget is driven by detailed planning and design.

First Aid Room / Sick Bay

For any establishment responsible for the wellbeing of children and young adults, a first aid room is essential if not, highly desirable. It can be used to conduct routine health checks and double up as an additional teaching asset, or for meetings or interviews. Most importantly it provides the perfect environment for the temporary care of sick and injured students.

Nurseries and Preschools

Young children need safe, bright and spacious environments in which to interact and play. Education Spaces provide bespoke buildings with many innovative design features including integrated partitions, space saving storage and safe outdoor areas. Our reputation is based on quality and attention to detail such as hinge protectors for little fingers, soft impact flooring, safe electrical fittings and many more.

Dance Studio and Gyms

Education Spaces are expert in the design and deliver of specialist facilities such as these. You have a vision, a functional requirement and a budget and we do the rest. Important features such as reinforced walls for heavy equipment, specialist flooring, high tech audio installations with acoustic enhancements and energy efficient climate control are some of the many features we can incorporate.


The library is a much loved, constantly used and essential facility within any educational establishment. It must be thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum display capacity, efficient storage with comfortable seating and study areas. We deliver high quality, robust, innovative buildings that maybe stand alone, linked to or an extension of your existing real estate.

Staff Rooms, Offices, Reception Area

Staff rooms, school offices and impression-forming reception areas are crucial to the successful running of your organisation, rarely take priority over the use of budget and real estate for additional classrooms. We are expert in innovative build solutions, carefully designed to integrate perfectly with your existing buildings and maximize the precious space and light available.

Changing Rooms, Showers and Toilets

We specialise in the design and installation of communal areas such as these. Our flexible construction methods enable you to make best use of available space, be it between or alongside existing buildings. We use carefully resourced, high quality build materials with commercial grade fixtures and fittings to ensure style and longevity despite heavy and continual use.

Music and Drama Rooms

We offer a spectrum of cutting edge sound proofing and acoustic solutions, including acoustic plasterboard, flooring and glazing. Effective sound proofing relies not just on expert installation of specialist material but expert and appropriate design.