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Inspirational Art and Design Studios

A standard classroom is rarely an ideal environment for creative often messy art classes. Good natural light, suitable flooring, sinks with draining boards and bespoke storage are essential elements and existing rooms especially in older schools may be hard to adapt. A bespoke Educational Spaces art and design studio can offer you a dedicated purpose-built space where students have the room and facilities to be creative. Your studio can be integrated within the existing estate or installed as a standalone building.

Bespoke design that works for you

Educational Spaces design and build art classrooms and design studios for:

  • Nurseries and Preschools
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Colleges and Universities

So, whether a pre-school full of magically creative but messy minds, a college for fine art degree students, or a university with a large design and technology faculty, your building needs to work for you. We believe designing the right solution is the key to a functional building. We will integrate one or all of the following features:

  • Good lighting
  • Wet areas with sinks drainage and cupboards
  • Specialist flooring for safety and easy cleaning
  • Adequate and appropriate storage, whether large canvasses or finger paintings
  • Well-lit art display areas
  • Ergonomic and appropriately furnished working space

Fabulous natural light

Good light is absolutely fundamental but you may be restricted in where your art building can go and it may be over-shadowed. With our expertise, the right choice of glazing can have a dramatic impact too. You can see from our website that many of our designs incorporate expanses of glazing, making rooms bright, spacious and inspiring. Here are some of the many features we offer:

  • Skylights: vastly increase natural light regardless the season or of a buildings position.
  • Light tubes: magnify hard to reach natural light by passing it through a series of highly reflective tubes into the room.
  • Floor to ceiling glazed panels: stepping away from conventional window solutions and flooding your room with beautiful natural light as well as free 'solar gain' warmth.
  • High performance glazing: with special Planitherm coating ensuring high thermal performance and minimal glare. Integral blinds can be added for precise control of the amount of light entering the room.
  • Bi-folding and sliding door options: which when opened bring an outdoor aspect to your art work.

Highly efficient LED lighting

Complimenting a glazing design that maximises cost-free natural light, we install highly efficient LED Lux panels and 'daylight' LED downlights which perform at less than 5W/m2 (in line with SBEM requirements ).

Innovative storage and display areas

Your art studio needs to be clutter free and safe at all times. It is likely to be used by many different year groups in one day and so works-in-progress as well as all the valuable materials will need storage. We are adept at integrating bespoke lockable storage areas within our buildings as well as integrating floor to ceiling shelving and cupboard space within the main classroom. Displaying art work is equally challenging but again we will think this through at the design stage, ensuring adequate wall space and correct spot lighting is installed as required.

Specialist flooring

Art studios require specialist flooring both for safety and practicality. Educational Spaces offer a range of solutions to suit all needs and budgets, including:

  • Cap-cove flooring
  • Easy clean hard wearing laminate
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Rubber tiles

View further details on our flooring range.