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Contemporary Classrooms

Every school's requirement is different, which is why EduSpaces classrooms are individually designed to create the perfect, tailored solution. Whether it's a simple classroom to replace an old mobile unit, meet increasing demands for space or a large space housing multiple essential facilities our buildings are bespoke to suit every use, budget and space. Our classrooms can include:

  • Integral storerooms
  • Reading rooms
  • Offices
  • WCs

Incorporating outdoor learning

The beauty of a space that's detached from the main building of a school is that you can think outside of the box. Linked outdoor spaces, covered by roof overhangs, decked and connected to classrooms with bi-folding or sliding doors provide an ideal outdoor learning environment, adding further dimensions to the educational journey. We can also create a covered walkway, linking the space to the main school building, which is great for moving around classes in poor weather.

Adaptable spaces

Working closely with our designers, we can create a space fit for multiple purposes. By incorporating sliding or folding partitions you can increase the flexibility of classrooms, easily opening them up as and when required.

Our classrooms are not only adaptable in terms of physical space, they're also flexible when it comes to accessibility. All of our designs will integrate the required levels of disabled facility including:

  • Ramped access
  • Low thresholds
  • Wide door ways
  • Fully accessible toilets
  • Pulley systems
  • Push button door opening

We can also include specialist areas designed for SEN students. For example, sensory rooms for one-to one and small group work are highly equipped spaces, requiring a range of resources to create different light, sound and other stimuli for multisensory work. Inclusion of such facilities can create a world of difference to the young people they benefit.

Energy efficient, compliant and modern

Many schools struggle to house modern technology into their aging main buildings, our classrooms are built with technology in mind. Lux lighting panels and climate control make them energy efficient and regulation compliant, as well as keeping running costs and maintenance low.

Wiring for whiteboards, computers, audio-visual equipment or even cooking equipment can all be installed for a high'‚ÄĚspecification, modern and technologically up-to-date classroom.

The needs of modern schools have shifted in the last few decades, meaning that many schools tread a fine line between meeting the extra requirements and respecting the common constraints of budget, time and available space. The addition of an EduSpaces building could be the perfect, flexible and cost-efficient way of keeping parents, children, teachers and governors happy.