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Gyms and Dance Studios

The well-being of our children and young adults is vital to both educational success and happiness. The curriculum reflects a recognition of the importance of physical activity, through PE and dance, to counteract the sedentary high-tech world many children inhabit. Many schools however, struggle to facilitate these lessons adequately, due to a lack of appropriate facility. Education Spaces are specialists in designing and installing bespoke fit-for-purpose school buildings, either as an extension to existing buildings or as a standalone facility. Thanks to innovative contemporary build methods, we do this extremely efficiently, providing a 'turnkey' service of outstanding value, from detailed design to ready-to-use buildings.

Multi-functional Studios for dance, gym work and much more

We will design a bespoke studio that maximises the space available and provides the very best solution for you and your students. It will include many state of the art features:

  • Integrated secure storage; crucial for stage props, gym and sports equipment etc.
  • Structurally reinforced; to withstand use of heavy gym equipment and constant impact.
  • Specialist flooring; we will install the finished floor of your choice. Sprung flooring is considered the best for dance and indoor sports and physical education, enhancing performance and greatly reducing injury.
  • Mirrored walls; ensuring a spaciousness, great light and the perfect learning environment for teachers and students. It also ensures it is ideal for outside classes at weekends and in the evenings.
  • Climate control; powerful yet exceptionally energy efficient units that will control the humidity and temperature of the room. If chosen, your unit can include PIR, thereby switching on or off depending on occupancy.
  • Audio visual packages; projectors, stage lighting, surround sound, Wi-Fi and much more.
  • Acoustic insulation; as experts in this field we will advise and install the appropriate levels of insulation, dependent on your usage and location.

A truly multi-functional space

An investment such as this should offer a multitude of benefits. With simple additions such as staging, lighting and audio visual rigs the space can be transformed into a performing arts space, where students can showcase their work for parents, teacher and peers.

Integrated WC, shower and changing facilities

By including within the design changing facilities, WCs, shower and wet rooms, the space becomes a state of the art facility with far greater potential.

A great resource with income revenue

Schools and colleges are accountable for budgets and expenditure. Any additional revenue gained through hiring facilities to outside organisations is extremely beneficial to students. It also strengthens partnerships between school and local community.