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First aid rooms and sick bays

Educational establishments are responsible for the health and safety of the children in their care, including emergency medical care and supervision of the sick. It is recommended that main stream schools have a designated area (12-18m2 min) suitable for visiting medical staff and for the treatment of children. With real estate and budgets on the stretch the reality is often far from ideal, with make shift areas in offices classrooms or staff rooms. Every school aspires to having a purpose-built well-equipped medical room, which is why, many are turning to Educational Spaces to design and install bespoke medical facilities either linked to the main school or as a standalone building.


Due to the innovative building system we employ we can utilise otherwise inaccessible or unsuitable areas for your medical room. The SIPs panels can be carried through your building to inner court yard areas for example and thanks to Screw pile foundations, the building can be installed close to existing foundations.

Where possible, your first aid room should be installed close to existing toilet and washroom facilities. Alternatively, if space allows, we can integrate a washroom into your design.

Designed for Purpose

Having a bespoke medical facility has a number of practical and care related advantages. During the design we will discuss with you the incorporation of both essential and desirable features, many of which come as standard in all our builds:

  • Security: High security 5-point locking doors and key operated windows.
  • Cap cove flooring: Non-slip, hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Appropriate furniture: Desk and chair, adjustable couch, treatment trolley.
  • Lockable internal storage: For drugs, medical supplies and confidential documents.
  • Clinical wash-hand basin
  • Integrated washroom and WC
  • Privacy: Integral blinds (the most hygienic and practical option) or retro-fitted blinds or curtains, to all doors and windows.
  • Good sound insulation: We offer a comprehensive range of acoustic enhancements.
  • Climate Control: Ensuring a fully controllable temperature, humidity and air freshness.
  • Good quality natural light: In addition to window and door glazing, where required we can incorporate skylights and light tubes.
  • Good quality artificial lighting: All our energy efficient LED downlights are dimmable as standard giving controllable light levels.
  • Data cabling and Wi-Fi for IT use.


Whilst designed primarily as a medical facility and sick bay, your new building offers a valuable resource as additional teaching space. It is ideal for one to one and small group teaching and with good connectivity it is also a bolt hole for lesson preparation work and administrative tasks.