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ICT Suites and Science Labs

Today's school curriculum and subsequent timetables are every more complex placing huge strain on already stretched resources. Standard classrooms have to be fully utilised but are rarely suitable for ICT or as science labs and so installing new bespoke facilities, specifically designed for these subjects, is a popular and efficient solution.

Information and communication technology suites

Computing is an area of exponential growth necessitating appropriate facilities in every secondary school. Our computer rooms are carefully designed with ergonomics, safety and functionality foremost. We can incorporate many features:

  • Hidden cabling and sunken power sockets.
  • Reliable fast data cabling and WiFi
  • Appropriate efficient lighting
  • Integral blinds to control screen glare
  • Bespoke desk layouts
  • Interactive white boards and overhead projectors

Science Classrooms

These classrooms require specialist plumbing for safe secure gas supply to every work station. At Educational Spaces we will design your classroom in close collaboration not only with you but with health and safety and fire experts. Every electrical plan is installed and fully certified by our highly experienced electricians. The gas too is installed by experts and inspected at every stage of the build. Our science classrooms will include some or all of the following features:

  • Appropriately placed power points and data cables
  • Gas taps and fully equipped work stations
  • Easy access cupboards for day to day equipment
  • Fire safety features: Alarms and Sprinklers
  • Interactive white boards and overhead projectors and screens
  • High security storage cupboards for dangerous chemical and expensive equipment.
  • Non-slip easy clean durable flooring

Climate Control

In chemistry we all learn that water can react with many things. Excessive humidity is undesirable in any classroom but especially in science labs and with 15 Bunsen burners going the warmth in a room can soon rise. Installing one of our range of Fujitsu climate control condensers is a highly effective and energy efficient way of maintaining a constant humidity and temperature for both students and chemicals!

Safety First

Every school has one ambition in common; to provide the very best education they can within the limits of their real estate and budget, to enable their students to achieve their full potential. Education Spaces will work with you to create inspirational and stylish yet practical and fit-for-purpose classrooms, that are safe and secure, with low maintenance and low running costs. All design plans are created in close liaison with Fire Officers and Building Inspectors for the highest safety standards and peace of mind.