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Libraries and reading rooms

Literacy is a vital skill giving joy, knowledge and literary expression to the children that embrace it. Research by the National Literacy Trust on behalf of the School Libraries Commission established a strong statistical relationship between reading attainment and school library use. Moreover, that a high performing school library plays an important role in raising pupils' literacy levels and their access to knowledge. Educational Spaces will help you design and install a bespoke library that is practical yet inspiring. We will advise on layout, climate control, perfect lighting and good sound insulation to ensure a warm, welcoming, quiet space for small groups and one to one teaching.

Specialist Design

Educational Spaces will design a library tailored to the requirements of your student population, the space available and your budget. It will include one or many of the following features:

  • Ergonomic layout; enabling easy movement around book shelves, work stations, and seating areas.
  • Strengthened floors and walls; to withstand the weight of the books and reference volumes.
  • Natural light; bespoke glazing and innovative use of skylights and sun tubes ensure bright inviting spaces which require minimal energy consumption.
  • Energy efficient lighting; LED lux panels and downlights achieving less than 5w/m2 and conforming with SBEM regulation.
  • Climate control; giving clean fresh air with perfect ambient temperature and humidity, conducive with concentration!
  • Acoustic insulation; of the walls floor and ceiling, buffering the sounds of the playgrounds and corridors to enable reading focus and minimise distraction.
  • Bespoke furnishings; book display and shelving, inviting seating and study space, carpeting and display boards.
  • Electrical audio visual installations; creating a multifunctional and future proofed space.

Every educational establishment from nursery to university, recognises the indisputable benefits of a well-used well-furnished library. Educational Spaces will design and install a library that goes beyond your expectation. Your bespoke library will be truly fit for purpose; an inviting environment conducive with reading, new knowledge and progression.