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Music rooms, recording studios and sound booths

Maybe a kick back from our world of technology and cyber communications, the Creative Arts are enjoying a huge resurgence. School and college faculties are racing to keep up with the demand not only for dance and drama studios but also high tech music and recording studios. Education Spaces are experts in the designing music rooms offering a broad spectrum of integrated acoustic packages to best fit your functional requirements and budget.

Innately sound proof

Our buildings not only offer exceptional thermal efficiency but perform very well acoustically in terms of both sound absorption and sound proofing. This is due to the materials used in the walls, floor and ceiling. It is all about using different materials of varying thicknesses and densities to block out as wide a spectrum of noise as possible. The structural make up of our buildings include the following:

  • Core building material; Structural Insulated panels (SIPs) a sturdy laminar structure consisting of high performance polyurethane between two 10mm layers of oriented strand board. We 100mm, 125mm or 150m SIPs depending on the dimensions of your building.
  • External waterproof breathable membrane; wrapped around the entire structure.
  • External finish; battened and clad with cedar, larch or thermowood or finished in polymer-render.
  • Internal finish; plaster boarded and skimmed

Specialised buildings such as recording studios or music rooms or ones close to a noisy road, may require further acoustic enhancement. We can advise on different solutions and the acoustic performance you can expect from each tailored package.

Acoustic packages enhancing your performance

Our buildings are designed to fit you needs exactly. We offer four acoustic packages: bronze silver gold and platinum, providing a comprehensive spectrum of solutions for every scenario:

  • Libraries or classrooms built close to a busy road
  • Music rooms
  • Recording studios
  • Sound booths which of course require total acoustic integrity

Creative Arts provide a vital outlet for students' skills, creativity and emotions. Providing the right environment will enhance their ability to excel, without disturbing the rest of the school!