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Truly Multi-Functional Nursery and Pre-school Spaces

The challenge of educating and developing very young minds is exceptionally rewarding and incredibly demanding. The educational space for nursery and preschool children must enable them to explore and learn about the world through play and social interaction. EduSpaces believe these spaces need to be many things:

  • Safe and practical for small children and the staff caring for them
  • Bright, colourful and stimulating
  • Spacious and adaptable; to provide a variety of activities within a safe environment.
  • Linked where possible, to a secure, partially sheltered outdoor area
  • Multi-functional with adequate storage and appropriate facilities

Designs that are practical, inspiring and compliant

The care and education that must be provided in today's nurseries and preschools, places complex demands on the design and infrastructure of the building. In close collaboration with you, EduSpaces will design a preschool that works. One with interconnected facilities and spacious rooms that can easily be adapted for play (both wet and dry!), listening and story time, dexterity and learning skills, snack-times and lunchtimes and afternoon-nap times.

Innovative multi-functional spaces

The ability to provide group or one to one care and adequately support SEN pupils requires open space as well as smaller rooms or segregated areas. EduSpaces have designed many school buildings which include some or all of the following features:

  • Full accessibility for disability
  • Integral offices, store rooms or 'break-out' rooms
  • Integral toilet facilities and changing rooms / washrooms
  • Kitchenettes and wet-play areas with non-slip flooring
  • Space saving storage cupboards
  • Partitioning with concertina or sliding doors to create smaller areas for different age groups or activities
  • Interactive audio visual equipment
  • Bespoke floor to ceiling glazing and skylights to bring maximum natural light

Outdoor learning

The benefits of outdoor play and learning have long been recognised and embraced by schools and nurseries. Where feasible our bespoke preschool buildings are designed with interconnected outside areas, sheltered by roof overhangs and accessed through bi-folding or sliding doors.

Safety First

Very young children are extremely inquisitive, highly energetic and accident-prone! At EduSpaces safety is considered paramount and therefore addressed at every stage of the design and build. We install number of measures to protect and safeguard young children, including:

  • Soft impact floors for play areas
  • Anti-slip flooring for toilets and wet areas
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Finger protection on hinges and soft close doors
  • Age-appropriate toilet and washroom facilities
  • Thumb turn locks
  • Safety guards for electrical switched and fittings
  • Controlled access, high security locking and key pad entry

The needs of our young children are wide-ranging and complex. A bespoke and intelligently designed building from EduSpaces is a high quality yet cost-efficient way to ensure you, your staff and your children have very best environment in which to play, learn and develop.