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Staff Rooms, Offices and Reception Areas

Non-teaching areas within a school are rarely a priority, yet they are vital to the efficient running and morale of every school. First impressions as one enters a school and the needs of staff cannot be underestimated. Education Spaces design and install bespoke areas that are not constrained by existing architecture or archaic equipment. Moreover, they are exceptionally energy efficient thanks to the construction, the high performance glazing and the low energy lighting and climate control solutions.

Staff Rooms with a difference make a difference

The wellbeing and moral of the staff is fundamental to the success of any educational establishment. With expanding numbers, existing staff rooms are proving too small and under resourced. Starting with a blank canvass, your bespoke staff area can incorporate many practical and desirable features:

  • Kitchenette
  • Washroom facilities
  • Integrated offices for quiet lesson preparation, marking or small meetings.
  • Data cabling and Wi-Fi for IT equipment and reliable connectivity
  • Audio visual equipment, interactive whiteboards, projectors, flat screen TVs etc.
  • Sound proofing for some much needed peace and quiet.
  • Integrated storage for general office equipment, confidential documents etc.
  • Comfortable seating areas for relaxing and informal meetings.
  • Good quality natural and artificial lighting.

Every Head knows that the quality and thereby usage, of their staff room, is a key contributor to a happy and effective establishment. With thoughtful design it can become the go-to place where staff de-stress, communication and work. It also provides a centralised area for informal meetings, information boards and refreshment.

All-important office space

The administration burden on all schools is immense. Education Spaces design and install and equip bespoke offices of any size or shape, standalone or fully integrated. Many classrooms are designed with integrated offices, which offer multi-functional benefits; break out rooms, one to one teaching and daily administration tasks. For larger office facilities we can include partitioning, storage, comprehensive IT and audio visual equipment, plus washrooms and kitchenettes.

Creating the right impression

First impression counts. Education Spaces design bespoke, spacious and welcoming reception areas. Practical furnishings, beautiful flooring, great lighting, purpose built art displays, interactive notice boards are some of the many features are we incorporate to show-case the school and engender pride in its pupils.