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Mono - Classroom and Office - Cornwall

Client Name:

St Ives School


Classroom and Office


40 msq


St Ives School, like so many, was desperate for additional classroom and office space. They envisaged a large standalone building which encompassed both requirements. Being standalone, the building had to be extremely robust and well insulated to minimise maintenance and year round running costs. As well as these important practical issues, they wished to design a room that the children would enjoy; something spacious and light, which captured the green open views of the surroundings. The field on which they wished to locate the new classroom was bordered by large trees. This posed a slight planning issue in that the proximity of the build to the trees was restricted, to avoid disturbance to tree root systems. It is noteworthy to explain that, unless ground conditions dictate otherwise, our buildings sit on concrete pile foundations topped with rubber pads, thus impose minimal disturbance to the ground below. As with every projects we will manage all aspects of the Planning Application and Building Regulations sign-off throughout the build, on your behalf.

Our Solution

  • Design and location: As alluded to, the location of this classroom and office came under scrutiny but the headmaster was able to consult our experts throughout the planning process to ensure optimum design and position was achieved
  • Ambience: The two sided expanse of glazing delivers a sense of space with light, whilst the carpet tiled floor creates warmth and eliminates the clamour of chairs and feet, enhancing this space as a learning environment.
  • Wide covered walk way: Wide non slip decking protected by a large roof overhang created a covered walk way around the building to provide shelter for the children whether outside playing or waiting to filter into class.
  • Energy Efficient: All our builds give outstanding thermal performance, complying with Building Regulation Part L (conservation of fuel and power). We use SBEM to ensure design and construction delivers 'A' rated EPC (energy Performance Certificate). We used high performance (Argon filled, heat reflective, thermal insulating, UV protective) double glazed which, in partnership with the thermally efficient SIPs (structurally insulated panels) construction, minimises the energy required to maintain a perfect working temperature all year round.