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Mono - Classroom - Northampton 2

Client Name:

Duston Eldean Primary School




7.4m x 4.4m


Duston Eldean Primary was struggling to accommodate increasing pupil numbers within its existing buildings. The school had a number of potential sites within the grounds, on which they envisaged a new classroom. In order to assist the head teacher, staff and governors in their decision regarding both a design and location, we created a number of designs according to the various sites available, from which they could choose. The chosen site, as seen on these images, backs onto a field with trees beyond. It was important to the personnel of the school that the fabulous view across the field was not lost. Equally it was important to have a robust low maintenance thermally efficient classroom that was light, spacious and provided a wonderful multi-functional learning environment for the children.

Our Solution

  • Inside outside feel: To retain the beautiful views across the field beyond this classroom, this design incorporates floor to ceiling glazing across both the front and back, mirrored exactly, to draw the eye through the building and beyond.
  • Powder coated aluminium bi-folding doors: The front façade consists of a single glazed door for easy day to day access, plus bi-folding doors. Weather permitting, these can be swept back to create a marvellous outdoor learning experience for those young oxygen hungry minds. Our aluminium frames come with a 20 year warranty.
  • High performance glazing: This offers enhanced heat reflection and exceptional thermal insulation (a U-value of 1.0 w/m2k - standard glass being 2.7 w/m2k). It also provides higher glare reduction (35% - normal glass is 19%) and is self-cleaning. The self-cleaning coating is fully integrated into the surface of the glass ensuring its effects are long-lasting. All windows and doors have high security locks.
  • Year round versatility: Due to the high thermal efficiency of our buildings and this unique design, this classroom will be warm yet flooded with light in winter and pleasantly cool and airy in summer. The bifolds offer immense versatility, enabling this classroom to become one with the outside space.