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Mono - Computer Room - Cheltenham

Client Name:

Leckhampton Primary School


Computer Room


9m by 9m


Computers technology is a fundamental facet of today’s school curriculum, so inevitably, more and more computer rooms are needed. Adapting existing classrooms can be extremely difficult as few are adequately wired to support 30+ power sockets. In addition the layout of a computer suite tends to be different from a traditional classroom with greater desktop space required for the hardware. Finding the real estate and budget is rarely easy, so schools require affordable innovative ways to increase their classroom capacity. Leckhampton School needed a computer room but the only spare space they had was an inner courtyard. Traditional building methods would have been challenged but by using highly robust SIPs construction methods, all of our materials could be manhandled through the buildings and erected swiftly onto concrete pile foundations, with minimal disruption. As with all our projects we worked closely with the school in designing a classroom that, despite its location, benefited from plenty of natural light. We also looked after all aspects of Planning and Building Regulation. On this project the volume of the build came under scrutiny. Had it exceeded 200 cubic meters a ‘higher level’ of planning would have been required incurring further cost and delays to the project, so we worked to design a building that still included an entrance lobby and was ergonomically efficient, yet fell below this volume threshold.

Our Solution

  • Open, light and spacious: Floor to ceiling glazing flanks two sides of this classroom, creating an inspiring and inviting contemporary space in which to learn.
  • Desk layout for 30+ computers: In collaboration with the school we installed hardwood desks complete with handy desk top power sockets.
  • Health and Safety our priority: No cabling was left to trail hazardously across the floors. Where tables were not against walls, power cables were fed up through the floor and safely secured beneath tables to power the table top sockets. In addition, cabling for fire alarms and sprinklers was installed, in close liaison with the fire officer.
  • Disabled access: In addition to the main entrance, there is ramped access through double doors. All our buildings are compliant as required, with Building Regulations Part M (Access to and Use of Buildings) and the Disability Discrimination Act. 
  • Store Room: The design incorporated a handy store room, which houses the consumer unit and provides useful space for stationary and equipment, behind a lockable door.
  • Style within budget: The glazing that characterises this bespoke design is A-rated toughened glass within affordable yet stylish anthracite grey uPVC frames. The cladding is kiln dried thermowood and the floor is durable v-groove 10mm laminate.