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Mono - Multi-functional building - Beckenham

Client Name:

Beckmead School


Multi-functional building


External dimensions: 22.4m by 6.3m
Internal Area: 132msq


This specialist school needed two additional classrooms. Separate buildings were originally envisaged but after a site survey and discussions with our principal designer this large multi-functional building was devised. The bespoke building incorporates two mirror image classrooms, each with their own kitchenette, a communal toilet block accessible from both classrooms, two offices and a ‘breakout room’ where children can get away from the hub bub of the classroom.

Our Solution

Multi-functional bespoke design: A unique build that is the exact size and layout required by the school. Attention to the detail was implicit with this design and in accordance with DDA 1995 legislation.

Disabled access and facilities: Ramped access across the front elevation, to wide, low threshold doors. Internally there's full access from both classrooms to a disabled toilet.

External finish: Maintenance free durable polymer render across the front, coloured to blend with the door and window frames. The side elevations are covered with kiln dried cedar cladding, fixed with secret stainless steel pins - also maintenance free.

Internal décor: Walls and architrave painted to match the existing school finish. Internal doors to classrooms and offices also match those of existing school, with two narrow glazed panels giving visibility into each rooms.

Energy efficient lighting and power: 23 Lux panels (600 by 600mm) and 20 external LED down-lights were installed, giving low energy high outputs that performs at under 5 W/m2. We use SBEM calculations to ensure our buildings are compliant with Energy Consumption and Emissions Regulation.

Fire safety: 5 fire detectors (one per room) and 2 heat/smoke detectors (one per classroom) were installed and a signage packs provided (for fire exists etc.). Our buildings are always inspected and fully compliant with building control.

Climate control: Two Fujitsu condenser units (one per classroom) installed by climate control experts, enabling fine control of both humidity and temperature, an important factor for any classroom environment.

Flooring: Various fit for purpose flooring was installed: Barrier matting at each entrance, non-slip wet proof flooring around each kitchenette, carpet in the classrooms and cap-cove flooring in the toilets.