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Mono - Sound and Recording Studio - Farnborough

Client Name:

Farnborough Sixth Form College


Sound and Recording Studio


External dimensions: 11m by 4m
Internal Area: 41msq


This sixth form college required a high specification music and recording studio. Our ‘platinum’ acoustic package was installed throughout to give guaranteed high level acoustic insulation and performance. The building is split into two rooms: the ‘live room’ which includes a sound booth and the ‘control room’ which houses the sound desk. Detailed designs and good communication were crucial throughout this highly technical build. We liaised closely with the company supplying the specialist sound equipment to ensure power supplies etc. were as required.

Our Solution

Platinum Acoustic Package: Our platinum package consists of:

• Floor - 3 layered acoustic underlay mat totalling 15mm thickness.

• Walls - A high performance multi layered system totally 98.6mm comprising of: fasteners (with incorporated rubber de-couplers), metal furring strips (41mm) with infill of acoustic mineral wool (30mm), 2 x acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm) either side of an acoustic rubber membrane, plus self-adhesive (2.6mm).

• Ceiling - Acoustic rubber membrane (with 2.6mm self-adhesive) on SIP, Resilient bar (13.5mm) and acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm). Total = 28.6mm

• Acoustic Glazing

Bespoke design: A unique build that is the exact size and layout required by the college. It included some tall glazing panels to allow natural light in, whilst minimising acoustic leak.

External finish: Our cedar is slow grown in cool climes giving it a fine almost knot-free grain and exceptional durability. Wood is innately sound insulating therefore this cladding adds to the overall acoustic performance of the building.

Acoustic French doors with ramped access: 1.8m wide x 2.2m high French doors with low disabled threshold and acoustic glazing.

Climate control: Fujitsu condenser unit runs quietly and enables fine control of humidity and temperature.

Decking and flooring: The ramp and steps are finished in non-slip composite decking. Internally carpet is laid over the acoustic insulation and SIPs panels.

Energy efficient lighting: 4 low energy Lux panel (600mm x 600mm) ensure good light levels, despite the narrow windows. We use SBEM calculations to ensure our buildings are compliant with Energy Consumption and Emissions Regulation.

Electrical Installations: In addition to the Lux panels our experienced electrician installed 5 external LED down-lights, 6 double power sockets and one smoke detector per room.