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Red Tape

Most of us know 'Part P' covers Electrical Safety but what about Part A, Part Q and every letter in-between! Commercial level construction is complex and can be an 'off putting' process for any school or college, where expertise lies in delivering education. We at Education Spaces won't simply design and install your bespoke building, we will take care of every legislative requirement pertaining to your project; planning, security, ventilation, fire, sanitation, disabled access, energy, drainage being some of the many aspects requiring expert knowledge and compliance. Moreover, you can be assured our own safety procedures and processes surpass regulatory requirement.

Planning Application

The planning process typically takes 8-12 weeks. In consultation with you, our designers and architects (or yours if preferred) will design your building and draw up plans. We will submit these drawings together with the planning application on your behalf, unless instructed otherwise. There may be local government requests for minor adjustments which we will communicate back to you. Equally you may have a rethink that requires a resubmission, all of this is very usual and will be actioned swiftly. If indeed you already have planning, we can fit into your project at any stage.

Building Control

With planning agreed, our architects draw up detailed plans for submission to your LABC (Local Authority Building Control). This starts the ball rolling on a Building Control process that permeates through the rest of the project until final sign off. It is a positive regulatory process, which we welcome, designed to protect you as the 'consumer'. Of course, Education Spaces ensure every element of your build complies if not surpasses quality and regulatory requirements. On a practical level, our value adding expertise lies in professional timely communication with the various external agencies who need to inspect the build or install specialist equipment. This will ensure construction is swift and smooth, not fraught with unnecessary delay.

Energy and Emmisions

An area of regulation that has changed significantly is recent years relates to energy efficiency. As 'u' values have reduced and air tightness increased, heat loss through thermal bridging has become significant. Being of SIPs construction our buildings have minimal scope for cold bridging and consistently surpass energy related regulation. We use the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) software to ensure our designs comply with carbo emissions and Part L which relates to conservation of fuel and power.

Fire Regulations

Fire regulation (Part B) for public buildings is paramount. We will liaise closely with the local fire inspector and ensure timely access to site is given, for specialist installation of equipment such as detectors and sprinklers. Detail such as 'safe means of escape' and appropriate use of fire retardant materials will be detailed during the design phase.

Safety and Security

When responsible for children it is important that the building design has been carefully thought through. We believe attention to detail is the key to a safe secure environment which is why we install features such as hinge protectors to doors and windows, laminated safety glass, soft impact and non-slip floorings, damage resistant light fitting plus many innovative enhancements.

Construction (Design & Management) Regulation 2015

CDM is an umbrella regulation that covers every aspect of our performance whilst working for you, ostensibly to mitigate any liability you have whilst we are working on your project. Unless otherwise instructed by you, Education Spaces will fulfil the role as principal designer and contractor. We liaise closely with yourself and our teams on site, risk assessing and managing all aspects of the health and safety during construction.